7 reasons to experience
our grenadian culinary tour.


1  /  Food plays a central role in Grenada. With all the local scents and flavors available on the island, you will smell the aroma as soon as your plane touches down at Maurice Bishop Airport. The scent of the spices fills the air.

2  /  Learn about the many spices of Grenada so when you return to your home, you'll know how to use them.

3  /  Hospitality in Grenada is bar none. Grenadians go out of their way to make you feel welcomed.

4  /  Due to Grenada’s volcanic soil, the vegetables and fruits on the island are produced on some of the most fertile soil in the world. “Everything grows in Grenada”.

5  /  Exploring is the best way to learn places that you visit. If you want to see more than just the popular tourist attractions and you enjoy going off the beaten path, you will love this tour.

6  /  Authentic food experiences, like the one our tour provides, are an ideal way for someone to immerse themselves in a new culture. If you like trying new foods, fruits, drinks, and spices, this authentic foodie experience is perfect for you.

7  /  The tour and its activities are highly Eco-friendly. We support local vendors, farmers, and local restaurateurs while keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum by walking, whenever possible.